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Order for bond purchase/sale

This section allows you to send an order for bond purchase or sale to the bank. This option is available if you have security account.

Bond is an interest bearing certificate of debt with a maturity date.

Orders can be sent to the Bank twenty four hours a day, but they will be processed during dealer working hours. Order, which processing has not been started yet, has the "Awaiting processing" status.

Having sent the order to the bank, check the status of the order in the "Investment orders history" section. If the order status is "Processing", the bank's officer is processing your order.


Document number

 (Mandatory field)

If the document number is not entered, the Online Banking will generate it automatically, if the number generation format is specified in the "Configuration" section of the "Parameters" menu.

Investment account number

 (Mandatory field)

Enter the number of your investment account  which will be debited for security trading.

Type of operation

 (Mandatory field)

Select type of operation from the list: buy or sell.


 (Mandatory field)

Quantity of bonds for purchase or sale.

ISIN code


Bond ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) code.


 (Mandatory field)

Name of the company who issued the bond.

Maturity date

 (Mandatory field)

Bond maturity date.

Coupon rate

 (Mandatory field)

Bond coupon rate (percentage).

Type of order

 (Mandatory field)

Select type of order: MKT-Market or LMT-Limit.


 (Mandatory field)

Bond price - percent from bond face value, for example, 101 or 98 percent from bond face value. Coupon amount is not included in the price.



Deal currency. It may differ from security currency.

Order expiry date

 (Mandatory field)

Information to the Bank


Fill in this field, if you would like to give additional instructions to your Online Banking officer.

Save as Draft


Click the button to save this order for further editing.



Click the button and Online Banking will validate the order. If errors are found, the error messages will be displayed under the incorrect fields. If errors are not found, a new page will be opened.



Click the button to delete the order.