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In order to log into Online Banking please enter your user name and password.

User name and password for the first connection you have received signing the contract on Online Banking services. Logging into Online Banking for the first time you are asked to change the given password. Due to the security purposes Online Banking will periodically ask you to change current password.


Entering password it is displayed in the form of asterisks. To confirm entry, click the "Continue" button.
In order to prevent unauthorized access to Online Banking you are personally responsible for non-disclosure of your user name and password to the third parties. In case you have forgotten your password, please contact Info service or Online Banking officer by phone, which is shown in the right bottom side of the page. You will be identified by your name, surname and Online Banking username as well as with the help of an identifying question and an answer, which you have specified signing the contract on Online Banking services. Online Banking officer will tell you a single-time password to be used for connection to Online Banking and to be changed immediately afterwards for a permanent password. Please use the "Password change" section of the "Parameters" menu in order to change your password.
Your access to Online Banking will be blocked if the current password has expired and has not been changed or there were 5 continuous unsuccessful entry attempts (password has been entered incorrectly). You have to contact Online Banking officer to unblock your access.

Page field description. LOG INTO ONLINE BANKING

User Name (mandatory)
Your Online Banking user name that is stated in the contract on Online Banking services.
Attention!User name is case-sensitive, small and capital letters are considered as different symbols.

Password (mandatory)
Current password.
Minimum number of characters in a password is 8, maximum - 20, out of which at least 6 characters differ one from another and at least one is digit and one letter. Only letters of the Latin alphabet and digits can be used, i.e. a - z, A - Z, 0 - 9.
Attention!Password is case-sensitive, small and capital letters are considered as different symbols.

Press the button and the entered login information will be validated. If the username and password are entered correctly, you get to authorization page. If the access to Online Banking is blocked, please contact Online Banking officer.