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Close the card due to loss or theft

This section allows you to close the payment card due to loss or theft. If your card is lost or stolen, immediately send to the bank the order to close the card, otherwise you will be responsible for the losses resulting from your failure to report loss of card properly. The order to close the card is irrevocable! The closed card can’t be unblocked. After the card is closed it will be impossible to execute any transactions with the card.

Please check the result of your order execution! The order is successfully executed, if the card status has changed.

If your card isn’t lost or stolen however you want to block the payment card temporarily, send to the bank the "Block the card" order, that allows to unblock the card later.

Page field description.

Document number

 (Mandatory field)

If the document number is not entered, the Online Banking will generate it automatically, if the number generation format is specified in the "Configuration" section of the "Parameters" menu.

Please close card

 (Mandatory field)

Select the card you would like to be closed.

Order reason

 (Mandatory field)

Specify whether your card was stolen or lost.

Place of loss/theft

 (Mandatory field)

Specify country and city where your card was stolen or lost.

Date and time

 (Mandatory field)

Specify date and time of the incident.

Contact phone

 (Mandatory field)

Specify phone number at which you can be contacted by the Bank.



Click the button and Online Banking will validate the order. If errors are found, the error messages will be displayed under the incorrect fields. If errors are not found, a new page will be opened.



Click the button to delete the order.