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The "Orders search" section allows you to search for orders (except for investment and pension orders) according to different selection criteria. Order you are searching for can be in any of the processing stage.

You may choose all or several selection criteria as well as none of them. If the selected order list is too long (exceeds 500 records), the error message is displayed. If no orders matching the selection criteria are found, the relevant message is displayed and you can change the selection criteria. You can search for order by any text fragments and using a wildcard % for unknown text fragments.

Click the order to obtain a detailed information. Depending on the order status and type you may:

In the "Information to the Customer" field you can see comments/ information from the bank officer, for example the reason for order rejection.

Click on the name of an y column in the list of the selected orders and the list will be sorted by this column in the ascending order, click on the same column one more time - the list will be sorted in the descending order.