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Fixed amount standing order

This section allows you to send an order for fixed amount transfer from customer's account with "Citadele banka" to another Client's account with "Citadele banka" or with any other bank in Latvia. It is possible to specify the frequency of the payment and term of validity of the order.

Fulfilling this order, Online Banking makes funds transfers specified in the order with the defined frequency. The Bank sends the payment to the beneficiary on the date, which is defined in the order.

If on the payment date funds on the account are insufficient for the payment to be made and for bank charges to be paid, the payment is not performed. During the next 15 calendar days the Bank checks up the account balance until the required amount of money is on the account. If it doesn't happen, the bank doesn't make the payment. If the next payment date falls due, the Bank does not execute the previous payment. The bank does not execute a partial payment!

Payments are performed in the currency defined in the order. Payments to other banks in Latvia can be performed in EUR only. Payments to any account with "Citadele banka" can be performed with currency exchange, though one of the currencies - account or payment - should be EUR.  "Citadele banka" non-cash exchange rate on the date when payment is made will be applied.

Having sent the order to the bank, check whether it is executed! In the "Orders history" section of the "Documents History" menu you may see the changed status of the order. As soon as the order status becomes "Executed", it is displayed in the "Standing Orders" section of the "Payments" menu.

The order can be printed in the "Standing Orders" section of the "Payments" menu and in the "Orders history" section of the "Documents history" menu.


Document number

 (Mandatory field)

If the document number is not entered, the Online Banking will generate it automatically, if the number generation format is specified in the "Configuration" section of the "Parameters" menu.


Payer's account number


Select the account number from which the payment should be effected. The list contains all accounts you are authorized to debit. The account currency may either correspond to the payment currency, or differ from it.

Payment amount


One payment amount. Payment amount may not exceed 72 000 EUR.

Payment currency can be EUR only. Internal payments can be performed with currency exchange, though one of the currencies - account or payment - should be EUR.


Beneficiary Account


Beneficiary's IBAN account number. Latvian IBAN contains 21 characters. IBAN should be entered without spaces. System checks the validity of the entered IBAN.

Beneficiary Name

 (Mandatory field)

Beneficiary's full name, surname or company's name.

Beneficiary Residence

 (Mandatory field)

Select the beneficiary country. This country may differ from the country where beneficiary is physically staying, or where the Beneficiary bank is located.

Beneficiary Identity No./ Passport No./ Registration No.

Beneficiary's personal code, passport number or company's registration number.

Terms of execution of standing order

First payment date


Specify date for the first payment. Date may also be a day off or a holiday.

Last payment date


Date (inclusive) for the term of validity of the order. If after the regular payment is made Online Banking establishes that the next payment date is greater than the order expiry date, further payments will not be made.  If expiry date is not defined, order is of unlimited duration.

Payment frequency


Select the payment frequency. Counting out starts from the first payment date.

Payment Details


Explanatory information about the payment. This information together with the payment will be sent to the beneficiary.

Information to the Bank


Fill in this field, if you would like to give additional instructions to your Online Banking officer.

Save as Draft


Click the button to save this order for further editing.



Click the button and Online Banking will validate the order. If errors are found, the error messages will be displayed under the incorrect fields. If errors are not found, a new page will be opened.



Click the button to delete the order.