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Currency exchange

The "Currency exchange" section is used to make currency exchange within your multi-currency account. This option is available to you only if you have any open multi-currency account. Multi-currency account may be credited in any currency. If multi-currency account is credited in a currency, which is not opened for this account, it will be done by the bank officer executing the transfer.

Currency is exchanged applying bank currency exchange rate. Making currency exchange you should specify amount you want to sell or amount you want to buy.

If you would like to make transfer with currency exchange between your two different accounts with bank, please use the "Transfer between own accounts" section.

Payment by dealer exchange rate

It is possible to make payments with currency exchange applying not only Bank current non-cash exchange rate, but also dealer exchange rate. If dealer exchange rate option is available to you, foreign exchange order number, currency and amount that the Bank buys, as well as currency and amount that the Bank sells are displayed in the payment input page. To effect payment using dealer rate, tick the appropriate foreign exchange order number.

Entering payment with dealer exchange rate, input account which currency is the currency that the Bank buys into the "From Account" field, but as payment amount currency enter the currency that the Bank sells. Currency exchange can be performed in several payments until the whole order amount is spent.

Charge account

Payment default charge account is payment debit account. Online banking offers an opportunity to specify another charge account. In order to add charge account field in a payment input screen, tick the "Display charge account" box in the Charge account section of the "Options" - "Configuration" menu.

Page field description.

Payment Number

 (Mandatory field)

If the document number is not entered, Online Banking will generate it automatically, if the number generation format is specified in the "Configuration" section of the "Parameters" menu.

Execution Date

 (Mandatory field)

Enter the payment execution date. Payment execution date should not exceed 180 calendar days from the first bank business day after the payment has been sent. Deferred payments are displayed with "Processing" status in the payments list. Payment amount is not blocked till the payment execution date.

Amount to sell

 (Mandatory field)*

Enter the amount you want to sell.

Sell currency should not be entered in this field, it is identified by the "Sell account and currency" field.

From account

 (Mandatory field)

Select an account within which to make currency exchange and currency to sell. This currency should be opened for the given account. 

Amount to buy

 (Mandatory field)*

Specify amount you want the account to be replenished. Buy currency should not be placed in this field, it is identified by the "Buy currency" field.

Buy currency

 (Mandatory field)

Specify currency you want to buy. If this currency is not opened for the account, it will be done by Online Banking officer executing a transfer.

*Only one amount should be inputted, the second amount will be calculated by Online Banking in accordance with bank currency exchange rates.

Information to the Bank


Fill in this field if you would like to give additional instructions to bank. If you fill in this field, the payment will be processed manually. This will reduce the payment processing speed. You will be additionally charged for this payment. This field is not displayed for all users of the Online Banking!

Save as Draft


Click the button to save this payment order for further editing.



Click the button and Online Banking will validate the payment order. If errors are found, the error messages will be displayed under the incorrect fields. If errors are not found, a new page will be opened to sign the payment order.



Click the button to delete the payment order.