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This template can be used by those Latvenergo clients, who pay for electric energy in accordance with T1 tariff. Payment order should be entered with calculation period and meter readings at the beginning and at the end of the calculation period. If Latvenergo special payment conditions are applied to you or Latvenergo bill contains debt or overpay for the previous period, enter this information in the relevant fields. 

When information is entered click "Next". A new page will be displayed, containing calculated consumed kWh and total payment amount in accordance with entered Latvenergo tariff.

Attention! If payment is sent to the Bank after Banking working hours, it will be executed the next Banking working day.

Page field description.

Payment Number

 (Mandatory field)

If the document number is not entered, Online Banking will generate it automatically, if the number generation format is specified in the "Configuration" section of the "Parameters" menu.

Execution Date

 (Mandatory field)

Enter the payment execution date. Payment execution date should not exceed 180 calendar days from the first bank business day after the payment has been sent. Deferred payments are displayed with "Processing" status in the payments list. Payment amount is not blocked till the payment execution date.

From Account

 (Mandatory field)

Select the account number to which the payment should be booked. The account currency may either correspond to the payment currency or differ from it.

Subscriber Code/ Contract Number

  (Mandatory field)

Latvenergo Contract number or client's code.

Calculation period end date

  (Mandatory field)

The end date of the calculation period (inclusive).

Calculation period start date

  (Mandatory field)

Start date of the calculation period (inclusive). The period of subscription is specified in months.

Meter readings

  (Mandatory field)

Enter meter readings at the beginning and at the end of the period, for which the bill is being paid. Decimal part should not be entered.

Tariff for 1 kWh

  (Mandatory field)

Choose tariff, which to apply when calculating payment amount for the used electric energy .


Debt or overpay

Fill in this field, if Latvenergo bill contains debt or overpay for the previous period.

Term of paying

Fill in this field, if Latvenergo special payment conditions are applied to you.  If this field is entered, penalty is calculated taking into account this date.


Specify the address for which payment is being made. Enter city, street, house and apartment number.

Information to the Beneficiary

Fill in this field, if it is necessary to send additional information to the beneficiary. This information is included into the "Payment details" field of the payment order.

Information to the Bank


Fill in this field if you would like to give additional instructions to bank. If you fill in this field, the payment will be processed manually. This will reduce the payment processing speed. You will be additionally charged for this payment. This field is not displayed for all users of the Online Banking!

Save as Draft


Click the button to save this payment order for further editing.



Click the button and Online Banking will validate the payment order. If errors are found, the error messages will be displayed under the incorrect fields. If errors are not found, a new page will be opened to sign the payment order.



Click the button to delete the payment order.