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Payment to the budget of Russia

How to determine whether a payment is made to the budget system of the Russian Federation?

The payment to the budget is made to the following receiving banks with the following RUXXXXXXXXX codes:

The payment to the budget is made to the following account numbers of the recipients:

When making payment to the budget, all information in the fields that relate to the Beneficiary, the Beneficiary Bank and the Payment details must be entered with the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet using the transliteration table.

Mandatory additional information that must be specified when making a payment to the budget of the Russian Federation

Mandatory information in the "Beneficiary Identity No./Passport No./ Registration No." field

INN code (ИНН – Идентификационный номер налогоплательщика) – 10-digit taxpayer identification number must be indicated. In the payment order, the code is indicated in the following format: INNXXXXXXXXXX. You cannot specify 0 or 00xxxxxxxx.

KPP code (КПП – Код причины постановки на учет) – 9-digit tax registration reason code must be specified.

Tax registration reason code (KPP code) is assigned to the taxpayer (payer of the fee), including participants in foreign economic activities, tax agents, tax collectors or taxpayers, as well as payers of other mandatory payments. In accordance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia, the Federal Tax Service, the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, this code, if assigned, must be specified in settlement documents for the transfer of taxes, fees and other mandatory payments to the budget system of the Russian Federation.

Example of filling in the field: INNXXXXXXXXXXKPPYYYYYYYYY (x – 10 digits, y – 9 digits).

Mandatory information in the "Payment details" field

VO code – currency operation code. Currency operation code consists of Latin letters "VO" and 5-digit operation identifier – VOXXXXX.

When determining the VO code, the status of a resident is always determined in relation to the Russian Federation. If the payment is made by a resident of Latvia and the transfer is made to an enterprise/resident of Russia, then in Russia the payer will be a non-resident, and the recipient will be a resident. In this regard, when determining the VO code, it is necessary to select from the list of codes the "Payment of a non-resident to a resident" code.

UIN code (Уникальный Идентификатор Начисления) – it is necessary to specify the unique identifier of charging it in the "Payment details" field. When making payment of arrears, penalties or paying a fine, if the payment is intended for the budget of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to indicate the Unique Charging Identifier (UIN code) - 20 or 25 characters.

The UIN code is indicated in the official request for payment of tax, debt, penalty or fine, which is received from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation or the Social Security Fund of the Russian Federation. If such code is not found in the document, please contact the institution that issued the payment order to clarify this code.

This code cannot contain all zeros and symbols except for digits (slashes, quotes, punctuation marks, etc.). It is forbidden to pay several fines by making one payment. A separate payment must be made upon each request.

KBK code (код бюджетной классификации) – the budget classification code of the Russian Federation consists of 20 characters. This information can be found only at the payee in Russia. If the payment is made to account 40101xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, the KBK code cannot be entered as "0". In other cases, the KBK code can be "0" if it is not specified in the payment document.

Taxpayer status – 2 digits. The information should be indicated with the following keywords: "SXX" or "TAXPAYER STATUS XX", or "STATUS PLATELXqika XX", where XX is the code of the payer’s status.

OKTMO code (код общероссийского классификатора территорий муниципальных образований) – code of the Russian classifier of territories of municipalities for statistical and legislative reporting. In the payment order, it is indicated in the following structure: OKTMOXXXXXXXX, where XX is an 8-digit code.

The precise and clear purpose of payment, account number, contract and date, the amount of VAT. If the service or product is not taxed, you must specify "БЕЗ НДС" ("BEZ NDS").

When entering information in the "Additional information" section, you should take into account that the total allowed number of characters is 140. When counting the number of characters, please note that each consecutive series of Latin characters is put in quotation marks thus increasing the total number of characters. For example,

VO70030 KBK39220106040066000180 OKTMO45384000 VYPLATA PENSII 2018 SOGLASNO DOG.OT 18122007 KPP770601001 BEZ NDS S06 (total number of characters 116)

is modified in the following way increasing the total number of characters to 139:

'VO70030' 'KBK39220106040066000180' 'OKTMO45384000' 'VYPLATA' 'PENSII' 2018 'SOGLASNO' 'DOG'.'OT' 18122007 'KPP770601001' 'BEZ' 'NDS' 'S06'

Example of filling the Payment details field in the payment to the budget system of the Russian Federation in Online Banking